Dance inside The Calile

A day in the life of a guest at The Calile

When The Calile Hotel joined forces with Queensland Ballet to create a spring summer campaign, the result, well, it speaks for itself. A vibrant, stunning, tongue in cheek video series, not so much about what the hotel looks like, but rather a day in the life of a guest at The Calile.

Curated, choreographed and performed by Queensland Ballet’s Jack Lister, the campaign, brings humour, style and elegance to The Calile experience, as the dancers move through the urban resort.

“The challenge was never to make the hotel ‘look good’- it does that on its own but rather to settle on a concept that showcases how this stunning piece of architecture lives and breathes,” Mr Lister said.

“We looked at how people already experience The Calile, and the irony in it is being once a very public and very private space and reflected that. The main idea is that the hotel brings out a piece of you, or who you want to be, and that’s reflective of the atmosphere created at The Calile.

Hotel General Manager, Jeremy Nordkamp said The Calile was proud to partner with such a vibrant and creative company, and their home-grown talent.

“The creative synergy between these two Queensland tourism icons has resulted in a vibrant and creative summer campaign designed to connect and cut-through in the leisure and lifestyle space.”

View the collaboration here.

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October 31, 2019