A Closer Look | The MECCA Holiday Campaign

MECCA has collaborated with the National Gallery Victoria (NGV) as part of their MECCA M-POWER initiative to create one seriously cool holiday campaign.

The MECCA M-POWER initiative seeks to empower women through education, career elevation and mentorship. MECCA’S unique partnership with NGV, helps them engage female artists to create out-of-the-box projects, and elevate their careers. The most recent work from the M-POWER initiative is the bright, bold, tapestry inspired holiday campaign by creative Tammy Kamat.

A Melbourne-based artist, Tammy following 12 years as a jewellery designer, diverted her artistic talents to textiles, in particular, tapestries. Throughout her career, Tammy has explored the representation of natural forms in tapestry and credits weaving as an ever-evolving and timeless art form and a way for her to share the impact of her surroundings.

For the MECCA holiday campaign, she created four works, inspired by living coral, aerial landscape scenes, colour theory, and rare Japanese colour dictionaries. The works are visible in-store on the window displays, MECCA product packaging and all of the bags and boxes to take your MECCA treats home. Intrigued? We can’t blame you! Scroll down to see a sneak peek or better yet visit in-store to see the result.



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December 3, 2019