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2020 Guide | James St

Become acquainted with the 2020 edition of the annual James St Guide which has taken on a new look, feel and purpose. Transformed from a book to a broadsheet, consider it a field guide to our community. The content of the guide has also transformed from a printed chaperon of our physical location into a playful manifesto of James St values.

Through the eyes of Tom Blachford and Kate Ballis – artistic collaborators, husband and wife internationally renowned photographers, we learn to re-see what is right in front of us in a surreal and dramatic light. Often we forget to stop, to look, value and appreciate – we see the same things, the same flaws, the same aspects and sometimes it takes someone (a creative duo!) who has never seen it before to open our eyes and point out what we take for granted. Treat this guide as a catalyst to reconnect, to be present and to celebrate and treasure what is right in front of you.

In a James St guidebook first, two versions of edition four aka A Guide 2020 are available. Version one by Kate Ballis has been released – her interpretation of our precinct is bright, bold and beautiful. You are invited to explore how we chose to start the new decade through Kate’s artistic lens below. Watch this space for version two of the broadsheet by Tom Blachford.


Our artistic collaborators

Meet Kate Ballis and Tom Blachford:

Kate is a fine art photographer based in Melbourne, Australia. Ballis’ work sees her travelling locally and abroad to destinations that feel otherworldly. The unique interpretive style of her work explores the notions of seeing the unseen. Kate’s photography has been shown nationally in solo exhibitions and is available to purchase at Jardan here on James St. Globally, her work has featured in the likes of Wallpaper, Vogue Living, VICE and Forbes.

Similarly, to his creative counterpart, Tom Blachford is Melbourne-based fine art, interior, architecture and aerial photographer. Blachford’s graphic and cinematic aesthetic has led him to travel and work with brands around the world. Tom prides himself on translating space, texture and design intent into a strong set of images – for James St, he did just that, his carefully constructed compositions demonstrate a skilled understanding of the expressive possibility of light and he captured James St as most have never seen it.


Get a Guide

At this point in time, things around us are not as we know it, so we are distributing version one of the guide in a slightly different manner to usual.

The complimentary guide can be found in-stores with limited availability and for those who missed out stay tuned for version two by Tom Blachford coming soon…


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April 17, 2020