Micro | Macro Paintings of Love and Hate

TWFINEART presents Jordan Kerwick

Fusing still life and abstractionism, Australian artist Jordan Kerwick is bringing his solo exhibition Micro | Macro Paintings of Love and Hate to TWFINEART.

With a significant portion of Kerwick’s work biographical, it represents what he believes the duality of his life as a father and an artist. Speaking of parenthood, “best made plans” and “intention” are two concepts Kerwicks says “have been totally obliterated since becoming a parent”. Splitting the two influences in his life; family, love and chaos of the home are the micro element of his work and a public persona as an artist is a macro element. Because of this the feeling and undertone of his painting changes – the artist torment is seen in the marks and palettes whereas the occasional bursts of colour conjure the feeling of home and love. A comment on life beyond the canvas, Kerwick’s work merges genres and feelings.

You’re invited to attend the exhibition opening on Thursday 7 March from 6 –8PM at TWFINEART– RSVP via tove@twfineart.com


  • March 7, 2019
  • 6 –8PM


  • Fortitude Valley