Molten Store Gemstone Garden

Molten Store Gemstone Garden

Join Molten Store for the launch of their latest event series, Gemstone Garden. Guided by their expert team of finery enthusiasts, enjoy an up close exploration of over 150 gemstones in a myriad of cuts and colours, each available to set in the bespoke finery of your dreams, or satisfy one’s gemstone curiosity. Explore the possibilities of Molten Store‘s bespoke finery offerings and discover the perfect one-of-a-kind gemstone to tell your story.

To celebrate the first edition of Gemstone Garden, Molten Store has partnered with local florist Esmé Fleur to turn the boutique into a floral wonderland, as well as conceptual caterer Zosia Cooks who will bring their gemstone trove to life in delectable form.

While the Gemstone Garden is an open-invite event, those eager to explore are invited to reserve some undivided time by booking a consultation.

Whether you’re hoping to discuss a bespoke piece or rework an existing heirloom, mark your calendar for Saturday 6 April and join the Molten Store boutique for an exclusive Gemstone Garden event.


  • April 6, 2024
  • 9.30am-5pm


  • Molten Store
  • Fortitude Valley