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Food Lab at Gerard's Bar

Gerard’s Bar is pleased to present… The Food Lab!

That’s right, the concept of the test kitchen has landed in Brisbane and who better to lead its inception than Ben Williamson and Steve Harry of Gerard’s Bistro and Bar.

The Food Lab is a monthly installation where diners are invited to enjoy a night of experimental, creative and unique dishes, challenging the boundaries of the conventional kitchen.

This idea allows the chefs to experiment and fabricate diverse dishes that greatly exceed the bounds of moderation, and diners to be a part of an impactful yet intimate dining experience.  To ensure this, seats will be limited to 20 guests – bookings are essential!

While the dishes will evolve between each Food Lab, the goal will remain the same – to prepare food that is both thoughtful and progressive in its design, provoking and moving to the diner.

Be sure to book months in advance to secure your seat – you won’t regret it! Psst… Make sure you’re following @gerardsbar on Instagram for updates and sneaky food shots!


  • Monthly
  • During Opening Hourse


  • Gerard's Bar
  • Fortitude Valley