A taste of history

ESSA x Fratelli Revello 2019 Release

The pairing of Phil Marchant and Simone Revello is quite literally a pairing of great food and fine wine.

Simone Revello is a third generation winemaker and part owner of Langhe’s Fratelli Revello. The Revello family’s history of wine making began in the 1960’s with their first bottle of Barolo being produced in 1967. Now, decades later Simone’s approach to wine making epitomises the brilliance of a new generation of producers who have taken the Barolo world by storm.

Simone is travelling across the nation to celebrate the global release of the Fratelli Revello 2019 Barolo – a wine so fine it deserves a global tour. The tour lands on James St at Essa on Thursday 16 February where Head Chef Phil Marchant will curate a five course menu to pair with the delicious drop.

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  • February 16, 2023
  • 6pm


  • ESSA, 181 Robertson Street
  • Fortitude Valley