Round two...

Bucci's Vacation Series to Veneto (Round #2!)

Bucci is back for round two in Veneto with a whole new Vacation Series menu to showcase the cuisine of the region!

Situated in Northeast Italy, Venetians are known for their love of risotto, polenta (and lots of it) and fresh seafood.

For the Veneto Vacations Series round two menu diners can savour the likes of pan-fried polenta with barramundi mantecato, squid ink risotto with orange and chilli and polenta cake with drunken plums and vanilla mascarpone. Diners can choose between one, two or three courses for a special set price – browse the full round two menu below.



  • August 21 - September 3, 2018
  • Lunch


  • Bucci
  • Fortitude Valley