Take a culinary trip!

Bucci's Vacation Series to Piedmont!

A region renowned for its purveyors of slow food and fine wine, Piedmont, is this month’s Bucci Vacation Series destination.

Situated in the north of Italy, local cuisine in Piedmont celebrates local beef, truffles and butter, lending to hearty aromas, rich flavours and indulgent desserts all paired with full-bodied wines, of course. Mirroring the flavours of the Piedmont region, dishes for this months series menu range from Onion Soup with Crusty Ciabatta, Potato Gnocchi Tossed with a Mushroom Ragu to Beef Cheek Slow Braised in Barolo with Cheesy Polenta – fantastico!

Vacation Series diners can choose between a main, two courses or three courses for a special set price. Browse the Piedmont inspired menu below and book now to secure your table for lunch…


  • June 19 - July 2, 2018
  • Lunch


  • Bucci
  • Fortitude Valley