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Abstraction Today

The freedom, the experimentation and the lack of rules – abstraction today is everything the world is not. And yet it is in the very essence of that ambiguity that the world is best understood. We live lives full of intangible moments, and the irony is that often nothing that can clarify an intangible thing quite like abstraction. C.M

TWFineArt‘s exhibition Abstraction Today explores contemporary abstract art from New York, California, Australia & Korea, and includes work by Abstract Expressionist Michael Goldberg (1926-2007), Christian Haub, Ben Pritchard, Steve Gibson, Greg MacLaughlin, Clementine Barnes, Jeremy Gilbert-Rolfe, Carlson Hatton & Abby Goldstein.

Head in to the gallery now, and be inspired by the exhibition, before ordering limited edition prints online in the GuideShop.


  • June 18 - July 30, 2014
  • 10am-5:30pm


  • TWFineArt
  • Fortitude Valley