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A Solo Exhibition by Gary Winfield at REDSEA Gallery

The latest exhibition featuring at REDSEA Gallery is a solo showcase by resident artist, Gary Winfield titled, Welcome to the Alterverse.

If you’re not familiar with Winfield’s work, he is an up and coming Australian abstract painter, who is making waves across the nation… Remember his name!

Winfield’s work consists of many layers in an rainbow-like colour pallet, which requires precision in detail when considering drying times. Like most things in life, the art of simplicity is actually far more complicated than it originally appears, and Winfield’s work is the perfect example of this – the paintings take time and specific configuration to construct their unassuming composition.

Welcome to the Alterverse is showing at REDSEA Gallery until Sunday 8 September and is well worth the visit!



  • September 12 - October 8, 2017
  • During opening hours


  • REDSEA Gallery
  • Fortitude Valley